Rent the Studio

Become a Studio Executive and be able to use the studio for any of your sessions, consultations or viewings. It's completely free to be an executive & you pay per session. MUST APPLY BELOW

The Process 
What you get
Step 1: Apply below for an interview. ​​

Step 2: Consult with Brandon & go over logistics. This is a simple process.

Step 3: If all goes well, you'll sign the contract & will be a part of the BBP Studio Associate Program

Step 4: You'll book the studio through Brandon.

Step 5: Grow your business with this opportunity! 
- Access to props, buckets, blankets & headbands

- Access to over a hundred backgrounds

- Access to natural light or studio light (you'll pick per session)

- iMac & T.V. access with viewing room

- Surround sound  music 

- Stands

- AlienBee studio light

- Sitting areas

Viewing/Consultation Room

Host a viewing session or have a consultation with a client or a group of people. The middle room houses plenty of seating, a 55'' television and an iMac for display.
1 Hour: $55

1 Hour: $75

Shooting Spaces

BBP Studios has two shooting spaces that you may utilize. With the use of a studio space you have access to hundreds of backgrounds, props, stands & so much more!

The studio has the items listed below and you may bring your own stuff for your sessions.
Backdrop stands
AlienBee 800
Wireless transmitters for canon & nikon
Giant beanbag poser
Newborn Swaddles

Studio Light

Natural Light

BBP Studios has a back room that uses studio light. You will have access to an AlienBee, a shadow box & stands. You will also have access to the studio's backgrounds & props.

BBP Studios has a front room that uses natural light. This room also holds a sitting room for your guests. You will have access to backgrounds, props, stands & snack bar. This space is our most saught out space & very limited availability.
1 Hour: $35

1 Hour: $55

1 Hour: $55

1 Hour: $75


Apply Today!

To schedule an interview with Brandon apply above. This process is easy breezy but we need
to make sure this is perfect for you! Anyone can apply!

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The Executive V.I.P.  6 Month Program

The executive 6 month program gives you VIP Access to BBP Studios,
plus you get mentored by Brandon.

   ​Have you ever thought about opening a studio? Are you afraid of not getting clients or not sure how to start out? This executive program is designed so you can transition into having a studio of your own. Being an executive with Brandon means that you get 40 hours of shooting time using Brandon's studio, props, backgrounds & lights. You'll also have access to the viewing room for 40 hours allowing you to do your I.P.S. sessions using the studio's equipment: television, iMac & sitting area. That is a total of 80 studio hours in 6 months. This program lasts 6 months but you may always join again after the 6 month is over.
You will also have access to the I.P.S. 3 week  intensive training.  When I switched to I.P.S. I quadrupled my session profit. I went from capping myself at $295 to now an average of $1,200 or more. And the crazy thing is that my work didn’t change that much. So if you’re sitting there thinking your work isn’t good enough, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter what you think of your work. It matters what the client thinks & if you’re already getting bookings then how can you tell me your work isn’t good enough? If there was one thing that someone told me to do from the very beginning it would be to do I.P.S. I challenge you to consider this program!
What you get?                                                                        Value
40 Hours Studio Shooting time..................................................................$2,200

40 Hours in viewing/consultation room.................................................$2,200
Enrollment in 3 week I.P.S. Masterclass..................................................$650
3 - Private Mentorships with Brandon lasting 3 hours....................$1,680

                                                                                                              Total value: $6,730
4 Payments of: $695

Pay in full (and save $800) - $1,980
Apply Today!
the Fine Print:
The studio shooting time will include either natural or studio light. This will be based off availability. You will have access to the television & iMac for your viewings or consultations. You will be enrolled in the I.P.S. masterclass & you may not transfer to another workshop. You will have 3 private mentorships with Brandon. You will receive three sessions where you & Brandon will do anything that your business needs. An interview is required with Brandon before enrollment can take place. If you decide to do the payment plan the first payment is due once you enroll and the remaining of the payments will be due at the beginning of the first 3 months.